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texxtperts Translation Services

texxtperts Translation Services is a specialized translation service provider based in Germany. 

The overall focus is on providing professional, high-quality translations and tailored services for the clients.

The Company 

texxtperts Translation Services was founded in 2004 by Manuela Wilpert, who holds a university degree in translation and has over 20 years of experience working in the translation business. The quality-focused company concentrates on its core business of translating and adapting marketing and business communications for a range of industries.


From the outset, texxtperts Translation Services has focused on a limited number of languages and selected subjects to ensure uncompromising quality. The core area of specialization has always been marketing, advertising and corporate communications. This naturally also involves a wide range of subjects including IT and technology, the manufacturing and packing industries, healthcare, business and finance as well as the outdoor and sports industries. 


The founder of texxtperts Translation Services, Manuela Wilpert is a university-educated translator for the German, English and Spanish languages. She discovered her affinity for marketing early on, and during the course of her career she has increasingly honed her skills in this field.

As a board member of the Bavarian branch of BDÜ (Federal Association of Interpreters and Translation), she is responsible for marketing and PR activities.





Manuela Wilpert
Professional translator