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I offer specialized knowledge and tailored service in English, Spanish and German.

In order to keep up my skills and the high quality of my translations, I make a point to spend time in English- and Spanish-speaking countries on a regular basis to stay in touch with the culture and the spoken language. My native language is German.

Less is sometimes more. 

Like you, I prefer to concentrate on my core business – in other words, on what I know I do well. I research everything meticulously and work closely with my clients to ensure the best possible results. And they appreciate my approach and my insistence on thoroughly understanding everything I translate, as well as my willingness to systematically familiarize myself with new subjects as required.

I translate for companies of all sizes, primarily from

►    English into German,
►    German into English,     
►    Spanish into German.

In collaboration with colleagues, I can also offer translations beyond this scope. However, to uphold my high standards of quality I only accept jobs in fields that I know well. This lets me reliably check the quality of work in-house before passing it on to you.