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How are translations charged? 

Translations are typically charged by the word or line. The word count refers to the number of words in a text, line prices are generally based on “standard lines” of 50 or 55 characters (including spaces).

At texxtperts Translation Services you will be quoted an all-inclusive price for a given text. I often agree with regular customers on a per-word price (based on the source text) to facilitate the handling of frequent jobs on both sides. If you would prefer a line price, I will also gladly charge you on that basis. 

Also, it’s important to know that the prices I quote when charging by line or word are based on the source text you provide as long as it is an editable soft copy text. This means your calculation basis will not change in the course of translation. Some translation providers base the final price on the text that results after translation, which might be much longer than the original text. In this case you won’t know exactly what you will end up paying until after translation is finished. This is something you should pay attention to when comparing prices. At texxtperts Translation Services I focus on offering you transparent services and therefore quote you a price that will not change with the word count of the translated text.