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Marketing and More

It’s in the field of marketing, advertising and PR where professional and specialized translators will make a huge difference. Don’t leave your important marketing campaigns to chance. I will be happy to assist you.

 My Specialty: Marketing and Transcreation 

More than anything else, I have devoted myself to mastering the art of translating and adapting marketing texts – which I practice with passionate enthusiasm. You too can take advantage of my many years of experience in this field. This type of communication calls for special linguistic and stylistic skills that go far beyond an ordinary translator’s repertoire. They include a finely tuned ear for language, creativity, thorough knowledge of the target group’s mentality and culture, and familiarity with the subject matter or product category.

The documents I’ll translate or adapt for you include:

• Marketing and advertising materials
• Corporate image and product brochures
• Press releases and PR texts
• Web content

 Special Fields 

My focus is on translating and adapting marketing materials and advertising texts. Among other things, this requires considerable knowledge of a wide range of topics. I have extensive experience in:

• IT and technology
• Manufacturing and packaging industries 
• Oncology, healthcare, medical devices
• Business and commerce
Sports, mountaineering, outdoor industry
• Software localization